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Information Articles for the Clarksville TN and Montgomery County Tennessee area


Information Articles for the Clarksville TN and Montgomery County Tennessee area

About: Christine Wenrick DMD

    Dr. Christine Wenrick is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, school of dental medicine. While in dental school she received special awards for her performance in oral surgery, endodontics, dental implantology, and cosmetic dentistry. She taught dental anatomy to junior dental students during her senior year also. Dr. Wenrick is a missionary and has traveled to many third world countries providing oral surgical procedures in remote villages for the poor. She provides oral surgery to the needy in the Clarksville area as well. She has been advancing her dental education for the past several years with a focus on treating jaw joint problems, headaches, and bite disorders linked from habits of clenching and grinding of teeth. While providing prideful dentistry to her patients, Dr. Wenrick pays special attention to the artwork necessary to give back a natural lifelike appearance while restoring teeth. Dr. wenrick expects high quality dentistry in her practice while creating healthy beautiful smiles.

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Christine Wenrick DMD's Articles:

    TMJ: Something to chew on…

    By | December 8, 2008 | Email This Post Print This Post

    Do you wake up in the mornings with headaches, sore teeth or a sore jaw?  Neck and shoulder pain?

    If so, you may be clenching and grinding your teeth at night while you are asleep.  It is estimated that over 95% of people experience this uncontrollable habit at some point in their lives.  Teeth grinding may be caused by stress, or sleep disorders, and abnormal bite, crooked or missing teeth.

    These habits can escalate into serious pain and problems of the temporomandibular joint, or the TMJ, which joins the lower jaw to the skull. TMj disorders can mimic migraine headaches, earaches, sinus infections and tooth abscesses.  It can cause dizziness, ringing in the ears and muscle pain that radiates down the neck and shoulders. «Read the rest of this article»

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