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Information Articles for the Clarksville TN and Montgomery County Tennessee area


Information Articles for the Clarksville TN and Montgomery County Tennessee area

St. Bethlehem Animal Clinic has Grants available to Spay-Neuter Pets

By | June 24, 2012 | Email This Post Print This Post

Friends of the Montgomery County Animal ShelterClarksville, TN – Dr. Ron Whitford at the St. Bethlehem Animal Clinic has taken a pro-active approach to helping control the animal population in Clarksville-Montgomery County. Considered one of the best in his field, Dr. Whitford has secured grants that are available to pet owners who delay getting their pets spayed or neutered because of the cost.

“We’ve been hearing about a spay-neuter clinic here for years, and we still don’t have one, so I decided to find the grants that are out there so we can get this problem under control.” said Whitford. “Working with the Montgomery County Friends of the Shelter, we’re getting the word out to pet owners that you can afford this procedure, and you need to take responsibility for your pet and get this done.”

Whitford has already exhausted ten grants, and has five more that will expire if people don’t take advantage of the program, and he says there are more grants coming.

“I’ve been told that we have taken the most aggressive posture on curbing the animal population of any clinic in Tennessee, and we will get more help if the people take advantage of this.” Whitford said.

Here’s how the program works:

The St. Bethlehem Animal Clinic will spay or neuter five dogs weighing between 41-65 pounds FREE if the pet owner will spend $50.00 for a distemper/parvo vaccination and heartworm test which is the same amount of money they would have had to spend to spay/neuter a dog under 50 pounds at the normal Clarksville Spay/Neuter Spay Clinic fees. These grants must be used before June 26th 2012 or they’re lost. The grants are on a first come first served basis.

The animal population in Clarksville has grown “off the charts” as has been documented by the overcrowding at the Montgomery County Animal Control facility. Rescue groups have been overwhelmed with animal rescues, and abuse cases. In the last two weeks, reports of animals being “thrown” from car windows, and left in boxes have been reported by Animal Control Director Karen Josephson.

Read our previous articles about the problem here:

Montgomery County Friends of the Shelter receives grant for spay/neuter vouchers

Montgomery County Animal Control overwhelmed with unwanted pets

If you would like more information, contact the St. Bethlehem Animal Clinic at 931.645.4111.

Dr. Whitford says he has meetings this week in hopes of obtaining more grants for Clarksville.

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One Response to “St. Bethlehem Animal Clinic has Grants available to Spay-Neuter Pets”

  1. ccR.E.D. on September 16th, 2013 3:20 pm

    I saw the bill board for St. Bethlehem offering spay/neuter $40, “open to the public”. So I took my puppy there to be spay. Before I left it cost me $108.80!!! Someone is either running a bate and switch or a pretty big scam!! First I was told the $40 was for cats! That’s NOT what the bill board said!! Then I was told the cost for dogs being spay depended on their weight…that again, is NOT what the bill board said. When the attendant was checking my puppy she called a “vet assistant” (or it could have been a vet – I didn’t get that straight) to look to see if the dog was swollen (in heat). Of course, he said, “yes, she was in heat”. I have “worked” with dogs for 35 years and I know when a female dog is in heat. My dog is, at the most, 5 or 6 months old. I have three male dogs. The only thing they do around her is snap at her when she comes near them because they want nothing to do with a new puppy. This dog WAS NOT swollen – it was so obvious I couldn’t believe they would think I was stupid enough to believe them when they said she was swollen. They told me that “when they opened her up in surgery if she wasn’t in heat (swollen) they wouldn’t charge me the $25. Well, I knew how that would turn out because of how things had been “increasing in price” from the moment I made the first phone call. Sure enough, when I picked her up they had charged me the extra $25.00 fee for spaying an “in heat” dog. They also charged me $21.85 for a ONE TIME pain medication to help her with the pain when she woke up from surgery! What the #@*^! That would have bought me almost two bottles of Metacam – a different pain medication you use on dogs for such reasons, (one bottle last for months)! Am I supposed to let this dog go with out any pain meds after surgery? Any other spay/neuter clinic would have dosed her out of compassion before sending her home – for the original stated cost of the low cost spay/neuter they have received a grant for! You ask me why I would proceed with the spay after finding out how deceptive this clinic is? My time is valuable. I had no choice but to fit the spaying of this puppy into this time slot. I was in a bind…I don’t want her to have unwanted puppies in the future! So, I folded! BUT…I WILL make it a priority to notify others – however I can – of what is going on at this clinic!!

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